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Due to changing requirements of our global economy and society, schools are forced to become innovative and to face new challenges. Digitalization in particular opens up new opportunities for knowledge and competence development in education, but also places new demands on pedagogical methods.

CULMEN LXP is a school concept that takes up and implements the requirements of the future. Core elements are in particular a stronger orientation towards action competence, the individualisation of learning processes, the inclusion of transversal competences and digitalisation. The project is characterized by a holistic view of the digital transformation process in schools. This includes both the pedagogical concept and the learning environment (digital and real).

Technology partner


Adaptive Learning AI

CULMEN LXP works with CULMEN's Adaptive Learning AI developed jointly with a University

Skill-Based Learning

We have implemented a Skill-Based Learning Experience, perfectly matched to the classroom of tomorrow

Developed by experts

The first E-Learning HUB developed jointly with a University for the education sector with courses provided by the best Universities

What do we change?

Strengthening of self-efficacy expectations

Strengthen confidence in the subjective achievement of objectives so that the goal (e.g. qualification procedures) can be effectively achieved. Many studies meanwhile prove that learners with high self-efficacy expectations rate their chances of success higher and also work more intensively on the achievement of objectives. Goal-oriented acting strengthens the self-efficacy expectation, because associated successes are associated with the own authority.

Increasing motivation and commitment

Committed learners not only achieve higher performance, they develop socially and cognitively better than less committed learners. An OECD focus analysis has shown that learners from socially disadvantaged milieus not only perform less well, they are also less engaged and therefore more at risk of dropping out of education. The goal is therefore to overcome this discrepancy, i.e. to ensure that learners can develop a high level of commitment regardless of their milieu of origin.

Enabling and supporting the individual

Studies show that talent and excellence in performance are not developed enough in education, e.g. learners who enter education with above-average talent potential are not necessarily those who perform excellently at the end of their education and vice versa. This confirms the findings of expert research (BAIRD, 1985; ERICSSON et al., 1993) that environmental and personality characteristics, such as the working climate, aspects of promotion or performance motivation of learners, are of far greater importance for the development of performance excellence than cognitive abilities.

Competence orientation

Development of technical and interdisciplinary competences, skills and abilities to solve problems in the learning areas relevant to education and training. Maintaining and promoting employability and the readiness for lifelong learning.

How It Looks

Designed with the learner in mind

How do you use it?


A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a learner-centric software designed to create a more personalised learning experiences and helps users to discover new learning and digital education opportunities. It leverages the combination of learning content from multiple sources, as well as by using artificial intelligence.

Why we are different

Compared to other LXP platforms, Culmen LXP offers significantly more functions that are adapted to the latest educational standards. We worked closely with renowned experts in this field in order to thoroughly implement our idea into a sophisticated software which is going to remarkably influence the level of education all around the world.

Life Long Learning

Modular design, personalized learning environment & global applicability.

Culmen LXP is based on a modular micro service structure which makes it easy to expand and adapt the software in the future. Furthermore this structure enables us to implement our software into the existing school environment without difficulty.

  • AI trained learning
  • NextGen technologies
  • Scalability from the root
  • Decades of experience in developing HUBs
  • Personalised AI recommendation
  • Designed for world-wide roll-out

Affordable Prices

Home Schooling


  • Limited missions
  • LMS
  • Limited Skill learning
  • Event and online learning
  • Social
  • Mission Store
  • Recommendation AI
  • Synchronous Learning


for everyone
  • Unlimited missions
  • Mission Store
  • Basic Analytics
  • LMS
  • Skill learning
  • Event and online learning
  • Social
  • Mission editor
  • Content - CDN
  • Feature requests


per addon, user & month
  • Event Manager
  • Recommendation AI
  • Synchronous Learning
  • 24/7 Support
  • FSL for Students
  • SSO integration
  • MS Office integration
  • AI analytics
  • Calendar
  • Shop Manager